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Consultancy & Services
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Consulting, Product Design, R&D

We offer consulting services based on our experience in the industry and our numerous partner networks in manufacturing of injection moulded pipe, gutter and conduit fittings, and extruded pipes.

Along with making our own moulds, we have the expertise of setting up injection moulding facilities, machine selection and factory design and layouts.

In addition, if you are looking for product design, technical services, or you wish to test out a new moulds and materials, please let us know and we will provide you with a customised solution. We also carry out specialist research and development services for manufacturers.

Please contact us now and let us know what you’re your requirements are so that we can help you.

Sourcing from China

China has so much to offer in terms of manufactured products. Everything is available: from the highest quality and cutting edge manufacturers, to unreliable sellers. The key is to know where to find reliable suppliers providing the best quality at an acceptable price.

Doing business in China successfully requires finding the correct source, and establishing strong relationships. This poses a challenge and risk for outsiders who do not know the local market and culture.

We have sourcing teams and partners based in China and Singapore that have established long-term relationships with quality conscious suppliers. These suppliers are from a variety of fields related to the piping and building materials industry.

We can help you locate the sources as per your specifications required. Please get in touch if you have such a requirement, and we will locate the products or suppliers that you require.

Whatever your requirements, contact us now to let us help you.

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