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Mould Making
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TetraFlow offers you a wide variety of moulds for pipe, gutter and conduit fittings. TetraFlow moulds cover a range of plastics, including PVC-U, PVC-C, ABS, PP, PE and PPr.

With specialist designers, mould engineers and experienced production experts, we make high quality and extremely competitive injection moulds to increase your product range or create completely new product ranges.

Our mould cores and cavities are made from grade 2316 mould steel, which has high wear resistance, corrosion resistance, good polishability, etching ability, and cost efficient machining properties.

In addition to being made from high quality materials to enable over million product shots, our moulds are very economical and provide a fast return on investment.

We follow a simple and fast process for delivering moulds to you:
  • 1. Our technical team brainstorms with your input to create CAD and 3D models of the products required.
  • 2. After approval of the detailed product design, the mould is designed and manufactured.
  • 3. A sample product from is sent to you for testing and approval.
  • 4. The mould is carefully packed for shipping and sent out to your location.
  • 5. Full support during the set up and commissioning of the mould.
  • 6. Dedicated and personalised after-sales service.

Mould Overhaul Services

A mould overhaul improves the mould’s productivity and life, enhances the visual aspects of the finished product, and removes any defects.

We provide complete mould overhaul and repair services for our clients. During this process we completely dismantle the mould and test and inspect each individual mechanical component separately.

Mould overhaul procedures include:
  • 1. Damaged or worn parts: repair / replacement
  • 2. Mould surface and mould core: deep cleaning / polishing
  • 3. Parting line: retouching / repair
  • 4. Gates: re-balancing
  • 5. Cooling system: checked / cleaned / refurbished
  • 6. Ejector system: testing / repair
  • 7. Mould plates: repair / re-machining / re-coating
After the overhaul is complete, moulds undergo a complete and detailed operational check before they are sent back. We would invite you to visit our facilities as required once the moulds have been sent to us and/or once the overhaul is completed.
Blk 1092, Lower Delta Road,
#06-16, Singapore - 169203
(65) 6896 7568
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Mould Making
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